Behind the Scenes and Geeking Out

*UPDATE* – Full audio of the show is now available for download. A section of the show will be posted here next week.

One of my favorite photographers, Chase Jarvis, captured 4 hours of my afternoon yesterday as he hosted the NYC band We Are Augustines on Chase Jarvis: LIVE.

Part 1 of the show consisted of conversation about creativity, art, and how the band writes music interspersed with in-studio performances of the band’s songs.

In Part 2, Chase allowed the internet to watch how he works. I was giddy with glee seeing his crew working in unison, getting a glimpse of the gear and setups, and listening as Chase explained his creative intentions and pre-planning process. It was such a treat to see how Chase interacted with the band as his subjects, how he conceptualized shooting them, and how he matched his art with film and digital technology.

For any photographer, the whole session was a tasty gem. I couldn’t get enough and stuck around to digest the complete session. Witnessing that magic moment where weeks of preparation and creative vision materialized inspired me to pick up my camera and just shoot.

Now only if I had a crack studio staff, a tethering system, and awesome group of musicians.

Check out the original blog post announcing the band’s stop at the Chase Jarvis Studio. I’m sure video of the interview and live concert with be at Chase’s website soon!


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